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Want to be part of this journey to reach every corner of India and change the way every Indian travels and Improve the quality of life by promoting greener world?
write or mail or suggest some improvements in any part of the website. We are also looking for data for each and every city of India, if you can get the data for your city, Please send us the data in the format specified below. You can also quote your expense. Please note that this portal works on non profit basis. The idea is to promote public transport and burn less fuel.

Please note that Latitude and Longitude are optional, however if you can get that, it would be really nice.
Ex: for Pune city:
RouteNo, SequenceNo, StopName,Latitude,Longitude
106,1,Pmc Bhavan,18.5228703285576,73.8483381271362
106,2,Modern High School,18.5243555873119,73.8491535186768
106,3,Jangli Maharaj Mandir,,
106,4,Simla Office,18.5300320053145,73.849196434021
106,5,Mhasoba Gate,18.5313747863076,73.8438749313354
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Thanks for the valuable contribution from the below users(not in any specific order).
Jothikanan Mookaiyan,
Soma Shekhar M.C,
Veerabhadra Swamy Y.J,
Chandrashekar Nagabhushan,
Ashok Ranjit,
Sampath, Chandrasekar,
Shilpa Asranna,
Robin Apoto,
Bhuvaneshwari Padmanabhan,
Farhan Ansari